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Second Chance Recovery House Program, Inc

Men's Transitional Housing

Welcome Home! 

Second Chance Recovery House is a transitional home for people with a Substance Use Disorder. We specialize in many different modes of recovery for addicts and alcoholics. Most importantly, we have experienced addiction ourselves and we have found a way out.

Some of us may know someone or have witnessed a family member with an addiction problem. Sadly, this disease is fatal and if left untreated the addiction stops at nothing. Luckily, some do receive detox or a 14-day treatment. But what’s next? Without continuous support and accountability, the disease WILL return. Every. Single. Time. Without it, we rationalize old behaviors not knowing that it will lead us back into isolation, drinking and/or drug use. 

Our biggest defense against relapse or the thinking that comes with this illness is building a foundation with people in recovery. Knowing "what to do" is a valuable tool. 

Need to chat?

Please go to our “Let's Chat” button. We would love to answer your questions or provide comfort in any way that we can. If you do not get a response, please contact Chance Ragle via call or text at 989-397-0253.

Check out the links to AA or NA meetings & events in your area or visit Virtual NA online. Don’t leave 5-minutes before the miracle happens because you don't ever have to use again if you don't want to.

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About Us

We provide safe, sober, 12-Step based housing for men who suffer from addiction/alcoholism. We are able to accommodate 19 participants in 2 single family homes and 1 two-unit house. We are located in Lansing, Michigan near Frandor Shopping Center and a short walk to Alano Club East.

Residents coexist with each other in recovery to learn: resilience practices, relationship boundaries, trust building, continuity of presence, and the therapeutic value of sharing life's struggles and triumphs with one another. Due to the anti-social characteristics of this disease, bonding renews the broken spirit. At Second Chances, we learn how to laugh again.

Our Goal is to offer behavioral skills and supportive companionship through facilitated group peer interaction and individualized recovery planning

Established in December 2012, we committed our lives to share our addiction story and a recovery practice that has proven successful outcomes in our lives and others. We will continue to harbor a special group of people whose life depends on unity to survive.

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What we do

Support & Guidance At Any Hour

We pride ourselves on our unique services that cater to the individual needs of our residents. From Recovery Coaching to assistance with finding a job, our team is here to support you every step of the way.

A New Way of Life

Structured, Safe and Encouraging Environment

Groups & 12 Step meetings

Share Your Story and Heal

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Contact Us

Contact Chance Ragle at 989-397-0253 today to find out more about our homes, program and admissions process.


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Group Discussion
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